How it works

How it works

  • The Connection rewards you for knowing about Nokia and the new Windows phones. Like so:

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    1000 points

    Score points by playing games, voting and blogging.

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    Use points to enter our competitions and win unbelievable prizes.

We'd love to shout about something...

...something BIG. But we can't. And you'll get nothing out of us. Nada. Nowt. Zilch. Our lips are sealed for now.


Nokia Blog-Off

Entertain colleagues by uploading interesting pictures, videos and words about phones, selling and whatnot. We have discretion over which blog posts will be published and awarded a whopping 10,000 points! Points will be awarded upon approval, so here’s a heads up on what we are looking for:

- Your blog post must be informative/entertaining without promotion, plugging, plagiarism or swearing.
- Please check the detail in your post is factually correct (e.g. the Lumia 1020 has a 5MP camera….WRONG!)
- Each post must be a minimum of 200 words.
- Please do not submit more than 2 BLOG POSTS EACH DAY.

If you stick to the rules and use images, video and captivating content you’ll find we’re a generous bunch. So get blogging!

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My Nokia Repair experience.

Written by Raymond Longman (Carphone Warehouse) on 6th February 2014

When you think of the Brand ‘Nokia’, It will probably conjure up some different thoughts and emotions, most likely to be thoughts of nostalgia, especially when thinking of the old Nokia 5110, but you may also think about reliability and durability. However, we all know that technology can have its…

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Tags:Hardware, Customer reactions, Sales pitches, Head Office

Nokia leads the way

Written by Mic Cottle (EE) on 3rd February 2014

You have to admit with a Nokia Lumia phone you’re going to get a variation in design, colour and specifications. Unlike other phone models who have only just realised phones come in other colours other than black and white. With Nokia you get bright vibrant colours with a amazing build quality that…

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Tags:Hardware, Usability, Sales pitches

Black update best bits

Written by Mic Cottle (EE) on 3rd February 2014

After updating my Lumia 820 to the black update i must say i love the new improvements. The glance screen is awesome with the variant colours you can now have and change when you feel and is not linked to theme colours which is a refreshing change. My favourite bit at the moment is the ability to cl…

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Tags:Hardware, Usability

Nokia Lumia 1520 > Packed with Spec!

Written by Adam JOOMUN (EE) on 2nd February 2014

In a nutshell you will find that the Nokia 1520 is so far the fastest smart phone in the world yet , you have the excellent 20 Megapixel camera with rich audio quality. Battery life is unbeatable, Sun readability so great to read in direct sunlight without missing anything.You have easy to use Windo…

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Tags:Apps, Design, Hardware, Usability, Sales pitches

1520 >My Thoughts

Written by Adam JOOMUN (EE) on 2nd February 2014

This is one of my favourite Nokia phones, its very similar to the 1020 but what I want t focus on is the new hardware, you have some added features to it this time around. Its a slightly bigger phone but its great you can get it in a few different colours. It has specs that put it on top of everythi…

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Tags:Hardware, Usability

Quality continues..

Written by Adam JOOMUN (EE) on 1st February 2014

The quality with the Nokia phones always impress myself and my customers also , the fast ever growing smart phone world doesn’t slow Nokia down one bit and we will find that as this year goes on we will get the new Nokia devices and we already seeing the interest grow within Nokia products. We have…

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Tags:Design, Hardware, Usability, Sales pitches

Buying Nokia with confidence.

Written by jason johnston (EE) on 1st February 2014

When you buy a Nokia phone, especially the Lumia range, you can buy with confidence that the phone you pick is going to have the latest software out the box and have a lot of services provided by Nokia which are exclusive and free. The first in Here Drive + and Mix. Radio, both excellent and free. O…

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Tags:Apps, Camera, Hardware, Usability

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Written by Adam Joomun (EE) on 23rd April 2014

Bring on New York ;)

Written by Billy O'Halloran (Vodafone Ireland) on 22nd April 2014

Congrats all!

Written by Adam Joomun (EE) on 22nd April 2014

Congrats winners !!

Written by Raymond Longman (Carphone Warehouse) on 22nd April 2014


Written by Nokia - The Connection (Nokia) on 22nd April 2014

Last weeks winners are now up on the site and emails are being sent out as we speak :-D Congratulations from the whole Connection Team

Written by Paul Singer (Nokia) Looks After (EE) on 22nd April 2014

Written by Paul Singer (Nokia) Looks After (EE) on 22nd April 2014

WOW!!! Has everyone checked out the up to £54 entertainment app voucher offer on 625, 1020, 1320 and 1520....??

Written by Adam Joomun (EE) on 22nd April 2014

Fingers crossed

Written by Mic Cottle (EE) on 22nd April 2014

Fingers crossed, good luck everyone.

Written by Raymond Longman (Carphone Warehouse) on 22nd April 2014

Ooooh drum roll!.....