How it works

How it works

  • The Connection rewards you for knowing about Nokia and the new Windows phones. Like so:

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    1000 points

    Score points by playing games, voting and blogging.

  • 2

    Use points to enter our competitions and win unbelievable prizes.

We'd love to shout about something...

...something BIG. But we can't. And you'll get nothing out of us. Nada. Nowt. Zilch. Our lips are sealed for now.




Here are The Connection’s latest winners. Clap clap, pat on back, aren’t we all delighted for them? Not really. Winning is much better - score points to enter competitions.

11 April

DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate (Red)

Martin Cooper (EE - Liverpool)

Top 10 DVD Chart

Joanne Green (Three - Havant)

NOKIA LUMIA 925 (Black)

Jayne Morgan (EE - Darlington)

Fatboy Wireless Charging Pillow (Cyan)

Charlie Travers (Phones 4U - Wimbledon)

£10 John Lewis Voucher

Sam Morrow (EE - Bury)

A Pair of Bowling and Cinema Tickets

Christian Rutter (O2 - Redditch)

£75 Love2Shop Voucher

Jason Johnston (EE - Darlington)

NOKIA LUMIA 1020 (Yellow)

Christopher Poole (O2 - Portsmouth)

04 April

£60 Zizzi Voucher

Adam Thomas (Three - Cardiff)

Pair of Cinema Tickets

Alex Barton (EE - North Tyneside)

2 Tickets to Festival International Benicàssim


Gabriella Kean (Phones 4U - Liverpool)

Wireless Charging Stand (Black)

Dan Buchan (Three - Chelmsford)

Personalised Bottle of Champagne

Danielle Allison (O2 - Cardiff)

WH-930 Purity HD Wired On-Ear Headset by Monster (Black)

Jane Phelps (EE - Merthyr Tydfil)

£50 Topshop/Topman Voucher

Sanjeev Rahelu (Phones 4U - Windsor)

BH-940 Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset By Monster (Red)

Tricia Pickering (Carphone Warehouse - Exeter)

Fatboy Wireless Charging Pillow (Yellow)

Carolann Phillips (EE - Merthyr)

28 March

NOKIA LUMIA 1020 (Yellow)

Jillian Baird (O2 - East Kilbride)

Personalised Champagne Bottle

Simon Shenton (Carphone Warehouse - Chesterfield)

Motor Racing Driving Course

Rachel Longshaw (Vodafone - Norwich)

DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate (Red)

Laura Wynne (Phones4U - Leeds)

Pop Concert Tickets for 2 People

Mark Croston (EE - Liverpool)

£20 Love2Shop Voucher

Laura McBride (Three - Glasgow)

JBL MD-1000 PowerUp Speaker (Black)

Doug Nelson (EE - Southend)

Wireless Charging Stand (White)

Dean Tricker (Three - Havant)

£10 Currys Voucher

Peter McKean (Vodafone - Norwich)

Pair of Bowling Tickets and Cinema Tickets

Craig Richards (Carphone Warehouse - York)

Portable USB Charger (White)

Mic Cottle (EE - Barnstaple)

21 March

Nokia Lumia 1520 (WHITE)

Duncan Nagle (Nokipedia)

£75 Love2Shop Voucher

Lisa Hilton (EE - Darlington)

Portable USB Charger (FUSCHIA)

Jennifer Childs (Carphone Warehouse - Bolton)


Amanda Furlong (Carphone Warehouse - Loughborough)

£60 Zizzi Meal Voucher

Adam Joomun (EE - Bristol)

£20 Currys Voucher

Luke Smith (O2 - Stockton on Tees)

Fatboy Wireless Charging Pillow (YELLOW)

Ashdone Nembhard (O2 - Poole)

Pair of Cinema Tickets

Jay Robson (EE - Birmingham)

14 March

Fatboy Wireless Charging Pillow (Cyan)

Alison Man (Carphone Warehouse - Skegness)

£50 Topshop / Topman Voucher

Amy Astill (O2 - Redditch)

Top 10 DVD Chart

Vicky Ashcroft (EE - Southampton)

£50 John Lewis Voucher

Jamie Howard (EE - Southend-On-Sea)

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